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Storage Tips

Why Use Self Storage?

Reduce Clutter
Renting a storage unit from Boyd Lake Self Storage can be a great way to reduce clutter and free up needed space at the home or office.

Boyd Lake Self Storage offers more security for your storage unit than most homes. In addition to a lock, our facility is protected by a security fence, surveillance cameras, a gated entry, limited entry after hours, exterior lighting and high police presence. 

Many items at home pose potential hazards and need to be placed in a secure area to ensure the safety of your family. You may be handy around the house and enjoy renovation projects, but between jobs a self storage unit can keep those power tools, ladders, saws and drills away from curious children and, thereby, reduce the risk of possible accidents around the house.

When renting a unit you may be required or at least offered insurance. Insurance will replace your valuables if they are stolen or damaged while in storage. Self storage insurance may be cheaper than homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

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