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Storage Tips

Storage Basics Overview

* Consider how long you might need the storage unit. Boyd Lake Self Storage offers great Long Term Discounts. 

* Estimate how much space you will require. Feel free to use the self storage calculator to help you. Or give our facility a call and we will be happy to assist you in figuring out what size may work best for you.

*Needing storage for all of your toys? Boyd Lake Self Storage has has the ability to store larger items including cars, campers, motorcyles, RVs, Boats, UTVs, ATVs, Jetskis, and other motorized vehicles.

*How often will you need to access the unit? Boyd Lake Self Storage has convenient hours for you to access and also give you piece of mind by keeping your items secured.

*Are any of the items you plan to store sensitive to temperature or humidity? If so, you will most likely need a climate-controlled storage unit. Typically the following items need to be stored indoors with some type of climate-control: leathers, furs, clothing, paintings, film, photographs, furniture, antiques, musical instruments, wine, paper, software, DVDs, CDs and electronics.

*Boyd Lake Self Storage takes great pride in protecting your possessions and assets, some ammenities to make you feel comfortable with us are: Barb wire fencing, surveillance cameras, electronic gates with security monitoring, a well lighted yard, a high police presence with Northern Colorados new training facility going in next door!

*Not ready to rent yet? Stop on by Boyd Lake Self Storage or give us a call, we will be happy to show you a unit or parking space that is just right for you.

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